1. She must not be his sister. They don't look alike.
2. Luz lost her wallet. She must upset.
3. Mario could have dropped the class, but he decided not to.
4. The taxi should have left by now.
5. Her computer is crashing while she was working, so she couldn't have finished.
6. I was supposed to go to a show, but my car broke down.
7. He won the lottery? You can't be serious!
8. Our guests might have got stuck in traffic.
9. We couldn't have to go to school on Saturdays.
10. The students have had to work on this problem all day.
11. The late crew might have been worked late.
12. They will may be moving in six months. They're waiting to hear about her job transfer.
13. She not can speak English.
14. They knew that they shouldn't be late.
15. You mustn't work so long because you wouldn't be tired.
16. You mustn't wear shoes in the house.
17. I wanted to email you but I didn't know your address, so I didn't try.
18. I might not be take a trip next year.
19. Prices could be high next year.
20. If you hadn't been so late, we should go to the party.
21. The exam would last two hours. I'm not sure.
22. People have to go to work.
23. She can speak French when she was a child, but now she has forgotten it.
24. We are supposed to be at the boarding gate a half hour before departure.
25. We were at the back of the theater, but we could hear everything.
26. He could have overslept.
27. Maribel would had to work late yesterday.
28. He hopes to be able to live in Colombia after he learns Spanish.
29. Louisa may have felt sick.
30. The storm may change its path. It might go west instead.
31. I don't know where Jorge is. He could have missed the bus.
32. Our teacher couldn't be open the window.
33. I would have worked last night. I didn't know you will need help.
34. It shouldn't take long to finish this project.
35. She could being lost.
36. My mom should have arrived by now, but she haven't.
37. I had to walk around for hours before I found a hotel.
38. She can't have stayed at home.
39. We were upset about not going to be able to sit together at the game.
40. When the car died, I was able to fix it.
41. I shouldn't have gone to that party.
42. I could read when I was having 5 years old.
43. It's snowing, so it must be cold today.
44. We doesn't have to wear a uniform at work.
45. The storm could have stop tonight, but I'm not sure.
46. My soccer ball has to be somewhere in the house. I'm sure I left it there.
47. I don't to have to work on Sundays.
48. He could have been working late.
49. The train will have arrived by 7:00 PM.
50. I shouldn't have bought my ticket from an agent. It were more expensive.
51. She may be on the wrong street.
52. If I had known that you needed the car, I would not have taken it.
53. He could have got stuck in traffic.
54. We had better not be late, or we will miss the plane.
55. Bob we can come over now.
56. I will can help you tomorrow
57. I may not to finish my project on time.
58. My dad could always fix broken toys.
59. The theater will be very busy now.
60. He won't be able to paint the entire house today. It will take 5 days.
61. He could have forget that we were meeting today.
62. We have got to study more next time.
63. He can't not drive –because he's too tired.
64. Her nieces don't have to eat anything they don't like.
65. This map had to have been very difficult to follow.
66. We could have been studied earlier.
67. Dominique might be talking to the teacher. I saw them in the classroom earlier.
68. We shouldn't have arrived any earlier. The traffic was terrible.
69. My dad called us because he couldn't find the house.
70. The package might not have come yet. We'll check.
71. You ought to buy your tickets online.
72. I could have gone to the party, but I was busy.
73. If I had had enough time, I would have eaten breakfast.
74. He may not come to practice today. We hear that he's tired of playing.
75. I'll be able to finished the paper tonight.
76. I am going to be able to write.
77. I can't fix the clock when it stopped.
78. Their cousin couldn't swim.
79. We had not better take a taxi, or we will be late.
80. I could have stayed up late, but I decided to go to bed early.
81. I had to clean my bedroom when I was a child.
82. We should be being there by now.
83. You shouldn't worked so much.
84. To get a license, you must be take a test.
85. My wife must be in the house.
86. Francisco might not be well today, so he may not come.
87. The bill have got to be wrong. There is no way we used this much water.
88. The kids can ski when they were 4 years old.
89. Carlos might could come soon.
90. My dad was always have to fix broken toys.
91. He shouldn't have make a reservation without asking me.
92. You may not watch TV tonight.
93. The train was supposed to be arrived at 7:00 p.m., but it didn't arrive until 1:30 a.m.
94. I hadn't made a reservation because my friends were supposed to be there early.
95. You should start working out.
96. I should have reserve a room before I arrived.
97. I was able to find a new car, but it is being expensive.
98. Could I leave early today, please?
99. I could have played the guitar well but I will not practice enough.
100. Mary could not have studied engineering, but she wanted to become a doctor.
101. Katherine couldn't have been lying. She always tells the truth.
102. He couldn't dance at all until he took lessons.
103. Rodrigo can't be driving to work. His car is in the driveway.
104. It was a good thing I didn't have to pay cash because I didn't have any.
105. She can speak three languages.
106. She couldn't able to speak English well.
107. I will be able to driving a motorcyle after my course.
108. The team must not be feeling great. They just won the game!
109. I can to play the piano.
110. She must be graduating next month. She finished all the courses and passed all the tests.
111. You will supposed to call the hotel to cancel the reservation.
112. Could I have signed up for the wrong class?
113. She may have gotten lost. Give her a call.
114. We are able not to speak English fairly well now.
115. We could speak English fairly well now.
116. Jose always has to arrived at work by 8:00.
117. Juan must passing the course in order to graduate.
118. You should get your passport soon.
119. Fred could have bought the book, but he borrowed it from the library instead.
120. He hasn't been able to went on vacation all summer.
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