Health and Wellness

Welcome to the Fotopala Plan for improving your personal wellness. There are no secrets here – eat well, exercise, meditate, and focus on inspirational words and concepts.


Eat a small meal of 250 calories every 2.5 hours, and drink at least 16 ounces of water with each small meal to help you feel satiated until you eat again. Each small meal should include a high quality non-fat or low-fat protein (such as non-fat greek yogurt, turkey jerkey, etc.), a small portion of something whole grain and high-fiber, and a piece of fruit or a veggie. Eat six small meals a day for a total of 1500 calories per day.

Eliminate sugar. In the early 1800’s the average person consumed 10 grams of sugar per day, and now it is 150 grams a day. This increase in the amount of daily sugar consumption isthe reason why so many people are overweight today, not to mention that it is the cause of the sky-rocketing rate of diabetes. Lower your daily intake of sugar to about 30 grams. (FYI, one banana has 15 grams of sugar).

Go gluten-free. For many years I ate lots of wheat products in the belief that I was eating healthfully. Unfortunately, the Big Food industry has eliminated almost all wheat varieties by replacing them with their genetically modified wheat, with the result that many people have become gluten intolerant and actually gain weight by eating wheat. Here are two books to consider reading: Wheat Belly, and the other is called Wheat-Free Worry-Free.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Period.

Protein. Eat lean or non-fat protein items such as non-fat greek yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, lean meats, and nuts such as almonds, pecans, etc. By the way, I am probably 90% vegetarian, and on many days I eat no meat whatsoever.


Day 1 – 45 minutes of light exercise such as walking
Day 2 – 60 minutes of intense exercise such as an aerobics class
Day 3 – 45 minutes of light exercise such as walking
Day 4 – 60 minutes of intense exercise such as an aerobics class
Day 5 – 45 minutes of light exercise such as walking
Day 6 – 60 minutes of intense exercise such as an aerobics class
Day 7 – Rest

Adjust this schedule to your liking, for example you can take a day of rest in the middle of the cycle. The point is that you should avoid intense exercise every day in order to prevent over-use injuries. So go at it hard one day, and maybe even 2 days in row, but make sure you follow that with a light day of exercise or a day of rest. Regular exercise combined with lower calorie intake every day will enable you to lose as much as 1/2 pound a day … which may not seem like much, but if you do that for 2 months you will have lost 30 pounds!


Meditation is as simple as attending to the breath. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, be aware of the present moment, and start observing each breath in and each breath out. Do this at least 15 minutes every day, and more is better.


Obviously, you cannot get wet from the word “water” because a word only points to something or someone beyond itself … a word is merely a collection of letters, or a symbol, or a sound that points to some reality beyond itself. With that in mind, below are at least 70 inspirational words that you can meditate on and/or use like a mantra.  So for example, if you want to manifest more laughter in your life and in the lives of the people around you, just carry the word “laugh” in your mind throughout the day … and you will no doubt be prompted to laugh during the day because you have been carrying that thought in your mind. Or repeat the word “laugh” over and over throughout the day like a mantra. Pick an inspirational word listed below to meditate on today, and may you experience the reality beyond each word.

Believe, word, create, wellbeing, breathe, water, communicate, vegetables, be, universe, dance, stillness, drink, spirituality, eat, sky, encourage, silence, exercise, rest, feel, recreation, flow, peace, give, now, gratitude, grow, nature, help, music, hug, mindfulness, imagine, meditation, kiss, love, know, light, laugh, life, learn, language, listen, joy, live, hope, love, happiness, manifest, God, share, gap, beauty, smile, fruits, teach, freedom, think, energy, touch, earth, travel, discipline, volunteer, detachment, truth, walk, being, watch, acceptance, write, abundance.


To read about how I used the Fotopala Plan to lose over 30 pounds, click on this link.