Market Strategies

FOTOPALA MARKET STRATEGIES is focused on helping you make confident business decisions. We do market research and data analyses in order to help your organization improve and grow.


Most businesses claim that they understand the importance of customers, but if you look at their business processes you will often find a different story. We help you better understand and measure every customer touch point in order to give you a complete picture of what drives your business.


Once we clarify how customers interact with your business, we do a thorough customer segmentation exercise to identify the most important customer attributes so that you can better serve customers and attract even more customers. In this way we can assist you with product development, and also help you develop all of the services that your customers want and need.


One key to growing your business is making sure that your brand accurately reflects your business while enticing customers to do business with you. Often it is much better to say one thing well than it is to say many things poorly, and we can help you clarify your marketing message so that you will build your brand identity. Picture in your mind a famous business logo or brand mark – and then ask yourself what comes to mind while thinking about this brand. Companies that have built a successful brand can evoke the customer feelings and behavior that they desire, and they can do this simply by showing the brand logo. Does your business brand have this power?


If you develop a strong brand and provide desirable products and services to customers that you know well, you can still sabotage your success through poor or nonexistent communications. How long does it take you to respond to customer inquiries? Most businesses don’t respond quickly enough in this digital age to satisfy their most important customers, and they are even slower to respond to prospective customers. Moreover, what type of message do you deliver when you do respond? In addition to being speedy, is it clear and helpful? Also, do you utilize all of the most important means of communication for your industry? This is a wired and social-networking world we live in, so you may need to provide any or all of the following: website, email, chat, text, blog, phone, fax, and any number of different social networking platforms. We can also teach English to any of your associates who need help developing their English language skills, as well as provide Spanish language marketing and translation.


FOTOPALA MARKET STRATEGIES will work with you through a Business Agreement for a few days, weeks, months, or for as long as you need, so let us know how we can help you achieve more success.

Keith Kreuz
Market Research Analyst