Spanish Public TV and Radio

The sites listed below are supposedly public radio and TV stations that can be compared to NPR ( in the United States. However, just as conservative groups in the USA often accuse NPR of liberal bias, you may find bias in any or all of these stations. Depending on the country, some truly work to provide unbiased programming, while others function more as government propaganda tools. You decide. NOTE: is a proud supporter of the English language channel in the U.S. called NPR (National Public Radio) that can be found at this link

TV Pública (Argentina),
Bolivia tv,
BBC Mundo (Britain),
TVN (Chile),
Señal Colombia,
Teletica (Costa Rica),
Televisión Cubana,
República Dominicana TV,
Congreso TV (Honduras),
Ecuador TV,
Once TV México,
Viva Nicaragua Canal 13,
TVN Panamá,
TV Perú,
RTVE (Spain),, and by category at
TNU (Uruguay),
Venezolana de Televisión,