Teach ESL


  • It empowers you to get out there and meet people and make friends – it seems that everyone wants to learn English!
  • It gives you good reasons (and income) to travel abroad and learn from other cultures.
  • The business of teaching English is a BIG business and getting bigger every day, and the opportunity to find work in this industry seems limitless.
  • It’s not too difficult to earn a certificate to teach English as a second language (see page on How to Become an ESL Teacher).
  • English is the language of the world economy, and when you teach people English you enable them to participate more fully in the world economy.
  • It is especially helpful to volunteer to teach English to financially poorer communities so that they will be empowered to find work in tourism and other industries and thus be better able to support their communities.

Education First has done extensive research on English proficiency levels around the world, and here are some links to pages that show the statistics that they have compiled:

Click on the following link to learn How to Become an ESL Teacher … and I hope that teaching English will be as satisfying for you as it has been for me.