ESL Jobs by Hispanic Country


Spanish-speaking countries in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean are the lowest paying ESL jobs, however they are the most attractive to me since I love learning Spanish. Some schools provide Spanish language courses for free to their English teachers, but even that is limited. Spanish-speaking countries generally do business “cara a cara” or face-to-face, thus it can be difficult to find jobs through the internet … not impossible, however, because I have secured at least 3 jobs via the internet. Also, in the poorer Latin American countries you should expect to volunteer your services, or perhaps you will find NGOs that will at least provide you hostal-type accommodations.

Oil-rich Arab countries pay the most, however their requirements are also higher. South Korea also pays English teachers well, and other Asian countries are not far behind. It is very hard for North Americans to get jobs in Europe because the European Union requires countries to hire teachers from fellow member European countries; however, if you go to schools directly you will find some that will risk paying you under the table, although in this case you will not receive VISA support or any other legal protection.

Click on this LINK to find a spreadsheet that I put together that shows the pay, benefits, and hiring procedures for ESL jobs in Spanish speaking countries, and here are two links to sites that give data for many other countries:

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