I don’t mean to brag, but …

Last night we went to bed at our normal time (around 9:00 PM), and this morning I woke up when my mind and body were ready.

I don’t mean to brag, but by 6:30 AM this morning I had already gone on a long bike ride up the hills around our house, practiced my Spanish lessons for 2.5 hours, had a bowel movement, taken a shower, dressed, checked the internet and email, and brewed some coffee and enjoyed a cup.

I don’t normally awaken during the 3:00 AM hour, but I have discovered it to be … incredible, spiritual, glorious, magical, peaceful, and more. There’s just something about being up after the last stragglers have gone to bed, but before most of the early birds.

I believe that all of life is holy, so I can’t really say that one hour of the day is more spiritual than the others. But it just seems that way.

Try it out. Go to bed early some night, and set your alarm clock for 2:45 AM. Spend the 3:00 AM hour sitting in your home, or if it is safe to do so, walking around your neighborhood … observing life, listening to life, feeling life, learning from life.