Let’s Talk About Your Feelings

Are you still sad (triste) that the Utah Jazz traded D-Will to the New Jersey Nets?

Do you feel guilty (culpable) for not practicing enough Spanish this week?

Are you confused (confundirse) and overwhelmed (abrumado) because you cannot figure out whether we are in Spring, Winter, or Summer right now?

If so, don’t be worried (preocupado) … Sólo en Español Associates can help!  We are a supportive, caring, full-service group that can help you talk about your feelings (sentimientos).

In fact, you need to be prepared to talk about your feelings Tuesday night at Mestizo using any of the following adjectives:

exhausted – agotado
confused – confundirse
ecstatic – éxtasis
guilty – culpable
suspicious – sospechoso
angry – enojado
hysterical – histérica
frustrated – frustración
sad – triste
confident – confianza
embarrassed – vergüenza
happy – feliz
mischievous – travieso
disgusted – disgustado
frightened – miedo
enraged – enfureció
ashamed – vergüenza
cautious – cautelosos
smug – petulante
depressed – deprimido
overwhelmed – abrumado
hopeful – esperansado
lonely – sola
lovestruck – enamerado
jealous – celosa
bored – aburrido
surprised – sorprendió
anxious – ansiosos
shocked – sorprendió
shy – timido

Remember! – at Sólo en Español Associates there is always hope (esperanza).