Puerto Vallarta – Day 5

The fifth day here was quite an adventure, a bit tiring, but fun. We came home tired and gritty from a day at the beach, and it sure felt good to shower and get all that sand out of my shorts.

We started our day by walking an hour to the bus stop in the center of town. We could have just taken a bus from here to town, but since we usually exercise in the morning we let that walk be our exercise. Then we hopped on a northbound bus for a 2 hour ride to the city of Sulyita (spelling?). This is a small beach town, but still filled with lots of beach goers – local folk, as well as foreigners like us. We had Mexican food for lunch (what else?), and then hit the beach. I always enjoy a good frolic in the waves, sometimes jumping above an inbound wave, other times diving below it. Sheri got into the water a few times to cool off, but she prefers the pool to the ocean for swimming. We sunbathed on the beach for while, and pretty soon it was time to start getting ready to head back. After 2 hours by bus back to the Wal-Mart in PV (yes, there is a Wal-Mart here, with a SamĀ“s Club next door), we decided not to walk the rest of the way home and instead opted for a southbound bus which dropped us off a few blocks from home. We ate dinner in downtown PV, and fell fast asleep shortly after returning home.