I am excited to announce the publication of my first novel, Sammy, which is available as an e-book through Amazon at

It is the story of a man named Sammy who clings to hope in spite of the fact that a crooked cop is intent on destroying Sammy’s life. It is a short fictional novel that is a quick-read and that I hope you will find uplifting.

In spite of its uplifting content, however, I want you to be forewarned that the novel includes some troubling scenes as well as the language of the “vernacular” (including some f-bombs). As a result, before buying the e-book I suggest that you use the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon to read the first few pages of the novel to decide if some of the content is too offensive to you.

Sammy is priced at $5, and 20% of the net proceeds from the sale of this e-book will be dedicated to good causes.

Lastly, since my last name is so often misspelled, I decided to write Sammy under the pen name Arizona Keith.