Spanish Jackpot

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you hit the jackpot by winning the lottery?  Or, what if some distant relative that you did not even know left you a bunch of money?  What would hitting the jackpot do to your life?

Though I must confess to buying a lottery ticket while we were in Washington State this past weekend, I’m one of the people that think that winning the lottery is more likely to ruin a person than help them.  Imagine how complicated your life would get once all of your friends and family found out that you suddenly acquired a bunch of money … instantly everybody and their brother would be asking you for money.  And of course, you would be tempted to gorge yourself on your winnings, and, after spending luxuriously on yourself for a few years, you’d have to spend more and more each time to get the same high.  It seems that you could easily wind up being a tired, old, lonely, cranky, selfish, unloving, poor, bastard, shell of a human being.  That’s a good thing?

My plan for attempting to avoid such a pitfall is a pledge to immediately give away half the money, perhaps by setting up a foundation dedicated to doing good “para siempre.”  But even then I’d have to fight off everybody and their brother for the half of the money I kept for myself!

Speaking of jackpots … I hit the Spanish jackpot about a week ago, and I still haven’t told anyone.  I’ve been holding out and keeping this treasure all to myself!  I stumbled upon this incredible Spanish learning resource on the internet, which is in my opinion every bit as useful as Destinos.  And what’s more, it is free and available to everyone … you just need to know where to find it.

Do you want some?

Not so fast, Buster!  Before I will show you how to find this Spanish jackpot, you must email me and explain how you will use this jackpot to benefit the world.

Aaargh!  Don’t you hate it when people put a condition on receiving a gift!  What an “atorrante” (scumbag) I am!

Sorry Charlie, that’s just the way it is going to be.  I got the goods, and if you want some of the treasure I am going to make you work for it.  If you enjoy learning the Spanish language, you will really appreciate this resource.  Once again, send me an email and explain how you will use this jackpot to benefit the world, and as soon as I receive your email I will reply and send you the link to this Spanish language learning booty.