What is Fotopala?

Fotopala.com started out as a site dedicated to helping people extend their Spanish vocabulary, however over time it has expanded into a site that encourages and helps people to Learn English, Teach ESL (English as a Second Language), Learn Spanish, and be empowered through Personal Growth resources.

I created the word Fotopala by combining the Spanish word “foto” with the first 4 letters of the Spanish word “palabra.” When you connect in your mind a Foto (image or photo) with each Spanish Palabra (word), it is much easier to remember and use each word. So, I named this site Fotopala because the original focus was on helping people learn Spanish words (and by inventing the new word Fotopala, I could secure the same domain name across various social media platforms).

Linguists and language experts believe that the 3,000 most common words in a language make up 90% of the words that most people use every day, and by knowing that many words you can understand through context most conversations, newspaper articles, and other forms of communication. Regardless of how many words you know, the most important thing you can do now is practice speaking and hearing your new language (whether it is English, Spanish, or whatever). Get out there and use what you know! After all, that is how you first learned to communicate in your native language, through hearing and speaking. You did not learn to read and write until long after you were communicating through language. So spend some time on Fotopala.com, and then get out there and start using the new words that you have learned!

We all come from the same Source, and may we all live as One.