Hear and Speak Spanish

Did you know that MOST of the languages that ever existed were never written down? As a result, it is clear that language is by nature a means of communication that is spoken, heard, and felt. Writing systems that include letters, marks, and symbols which transcribe human communication are a relatively recent development in the history of humankind.

So why are you spending the majority of your time learning Spanish by studying grammar, reading, and writing? I have nothing against grammar study, and in fact I am starting a 12-week Spanish verb study group here in Flagstafftonight. However, the MAJORITY of our time should be spent hearing and speaking Spanish if we really want to accelerate our progress. And besides, aren’t we really learning Spanish so that we can talk with others in Spanish?

On that note, one web site that I have found helpful in tuning my ear to hear Spanish is Yabla. You will get access to hundreds of videos in Spanish, organized by level of difficulty as well as by the type of Spanish accent, and the service only costs $15 a month (and even less if you sign up for more months). Below the videos you can see the subtitles in both Spanish and English if you like, and you can use the pause button on the videos if necessary. And, you can cancel the service at any time. If you are interested, follow this link to sign up: http://spanish.yabla.com/?a=1337

¡Que le vaya bien!