How to Become Rich

She was a good athlete, but not good enough to earn a scholarship. Her parents could not afford to send her to college, so she enrolled in the local community college and signed up for one course (which is all she could afford).

Then she spent several days applying for jobs all over town, and got rejected time after time. Often she was not even offered an application, but eagerly filled out each one that was offered. She took her time and filled in all the necessary information, and always presented the completed application with a smile.

Two days before her class was to begin, she got a call from a fast-food restaurant. They needed someone to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night from 6:00 PM until Midnight. She eagerly accepted the job, and though the shift hours did not appeal to her at first because she would not be able to spend time with family and friends at those times, she reasoned that this would be good because it would not conflict with her community college class schedule.

After the first quarter she had saved enough money to take 2 classes in the winter. Spring quarter she took 3 classes. After 3 years she had enough credits to transfer to the University. By now she was working 32 hours a week, but she had become a shift manager at the fast-food restaurant, and so she no longer had to work every weekend night, and she could arrange her work schedule around her class schedule. Though she budgeted and saved carefully, she habitually gave money to local shelters and other charities, and she always seemed to have money available to give to those who needed help. She also volunteered regularly.

She graduated with honors 6-1/2 years after she started. All during her last year in college she worked as an intern part-time for an industrial supply company. Since she was so reliable and helpful as an intern, the company created a position for her upon graduation. They were not really hiring at the time, and they could not offer her much of a starting salary, but she gratefully accepted the position.

Interestingly, one of the company’s primary clients was the restaurant chain where she had worked while in school, and her familiarity with their equipment and supplies proved to be a valuable asset to her new employer.

She worked her way up in the organization over many years, and became a division Director. She was widely known for being a trustworthy, efficient, and fair member of management. She retired from the company after she had worked there 30 years.

Along the way she had married, raised a family, and then became a doting grandmother. Her husband was a mechanic, but after 35 years of doing that his body could take it no longer. She finally convinced him to retire as well.

She spent her twilight years living in the same house she had bought with her husband early in their marriage. It was a simple but well-kept home in the blue-collar section of town. Everyone was welcome in their home.

She grew wiser and more loving every day for the rest of her life, and died peacefully in her sleep.