Spanish Words and Resources

If you did nothing more than learn dozens of words, you could become quite communicative in any language. For more information on the importance of building your vocabulary when learning a new language, go to our page at What is Fotopala?

Listening to Spanish TV and radio is one of the most effective ways to improve your Spanish. Go to our Spanish Public TV and Radio page to find links to sites managed by Spanish-speaking countries that are supposedly free and unbiased public programming. Also below there is a Downloadable Spreadsheet – Various Spanish TV and Radio Stations, however this is different from our page at Spanish Public TV and Radio.

Below are links to several documents that will help you learn Spanish and that are FREE to download:


Listing of more than 3000 Spanish Words including those on Fotopala
Colors and Clothes Vocabulary
Ser and Estar Explained
Por and Para Explained
Por and Para Idiomatic Expressions
Accent Rules for Spanish Words
Keyboard Shortcuts for Spanish Accents


All 22 Spanish Verb Tenses Compared to the 16 English Verb Tenses
Imperfect Tense Explained
Preterite Tense Explained
Present Perfect Tense Explained
Conditional Tense Explained
The 17 Most Important Spanish Verbs
Over 500 Spanish Verbs
Spanish Verbs and Conjugations
Hundreds of Spanish Sentences in Various Tenses
Scenarios that Help Transition to the Subjunctive


Spanish Programs and Resources on the Market
Spanish Public TV and Radio
Downloadable Spreadsheet – Various Spanish TV and Radio Stations
Languages Spoken in the USA 2010 Census